Thursday, April 2, 2009

Formula Boats (U-5) Project Update

Well...with two nights left before the first race of the season, there's very good news from our boat shop. All of the decals, minus the one on the canard, which was painted tonight, are on the boat. Just a few finishing touches to do tomorrow afternoon (I took the afternoon off work), and it'll be time to put the whole thing back together again!

We'll probably wait to do the clearcoat until after the first race, so there's adequate drying time without pushing things too much.

We still have to mount the sleeve cowl and the turbine tube -- both of which have been made. And the canopy will be delivered at the race site on Saturday. We'll make due with a temporary one for the race day (thank you to the board members who allowed a variance for this race)

As you can see, we also still need to mount a canard across the front. That, and the turbine tube & sleeve cowl will likely be the biggest and most time-consuming tasks on Friday. And re-installing all of the hardware.

I can't believe we got it done in just two weeks. But we'll be there at the first race, giving our best effort yet again! Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday update

Hey everyone...

Today, we took some big steps forward. The U-5 got its first decals -- the big "FORMULA" on either side of the cowling, and the hull itself got its first coats of paint.

We built the turbine tube, too, and a few other various and sundry things. Another coat of paint on the hull at lunch tomorrow, and some more decals -- on the wings, fairings and cowling. We'll do pictures on Thursday!

Tuesday update - Formula Boats (U-5) project

A day late, here's an update for the work happening with the new 2008 Formula Boats (U-5) model.

Spent Tuesday evening in the shop, and the "paint booth" (aka garage). Got the remainder of the fill (mostly for re-placement of hardware) finished in the boat shop, and put a couple of other things together. In the "paint booth", the tailfeathers got their final coats of paint and the cowling got its first coats.

In the living room, at the end of the evening, we got the decals cut and ready to go.

Work is progressing...and it's looking good for making it to the Champion Spark Plug Regatta on Saturday!

Another update, and more pics, coming later tonight. Included on today's schedule is the first coats of paint on the hull.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Formula Boats (U-5) project

Tonight, I moved the rudder a little further to the right side of the transom, and then took off all of the hardware, and patched holes that aren't needed anymore. Tomorrow is some more fill, primer and sanding work (hopefully the last I'll need to do), and paint goes on everything on Wednesday.

Keep watching for more updates as the first race of the season draws nearer. It's just five days away now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Formula Boats (U-5) Project

Today was testing day!

It runs!!

There are a few things that need to be changed - like the rudder needs to move further to the right on the transom, and the skid fin angle might need to change just a small amount.

Next up - these two minor adjustments, and paint. Looks like we'll make it to the first race afterall!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Formula Boats (U-5) project

Here's an update as of Saturday, March 28 at 9 p.m.

The wings are painted and mounted. We used 1/16-inch aluminum plates through the deck that run all the way down to the bottom of the boat where they're epoxied in. Where the plates extend above the deck, the aluminum is tapped for the 4/40 nylon screws that hold the fairings on. The horizontal stabilizer has threaded inserts for the 4/40 nylon screws that hold the wing to the fairings.

The motor, driveline, plumbing and all of the other hardware has been mounted. Testing is set for Sunday at Westmoreland Park ... then, as long as there are no changes that need to be made ... paint!

At least its' finally starting to look like the U-5 (2008 Seattle version). Maybe we'll make it to Centralia afterall!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Formula Boats (U-5) Project

With roughly a week and a half to go before the first race of the season, more work has been completed on the 2008 Formula Boats U-5. While nothing was done on Monday, March 23 due to a 12 hour work day, work did continue in the U-5 shop on Tuesday night when the first coat of primer was sprayed.

There are pinholes on the deck that weren't seen or felt during sanding, so more sanding and perhaps a little more fill will be needed on Wednesday night in the shop. Either way, it is possible that with a day off on Friday (meaning all day in the shop), that hardware and systems can be installed by the end of the day in order to go testing on Saturday before paint -- hopefully Sunday.

Stay tuned. We're working hard to get this thing finished in time for the first race, and we'll keep you updated through this blog.